UI First

Create a better system by rethinking how users interact with your site.

Why should you put the user interface first when designing a web application?

To your users, "the UI is the system". Hence, how the system works is ultimately guided by user interactions.

So the UI isn't just about making pretty buttons — it's about identifying your users' needs, and the associated key interactions and workflows. Having this as your priority, and not treating the UI as a side project, helps you build an app that your users actually want to use.

I can help you identify these interactions and workflows and turn them into design artefacts and front-end code.


  • Identify the relevant UI patterns
  • Develop re-usable UI libraries from bottom-up from modules and components.

Depending on the needs of your project, these can be delivered as:

  • Hand-drawn diagrams
  • Figma files
  • Front-end code.

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