Solve business problems by building (better) information systems.

Protosprint is a method for making a business case for a new information system (typically a web application). It can be used in the early stages of product development to set a robust business framework for the project.

Protosprint can be used to validate ideas — however its true value lies in idea generation; it is systematic innovation.

Protosprint marries design thinking with software development principles. This allows us to solve problems and explore opportunities from an engineering perspective. We are matching a problem space with an opportunity space in order to generate innovative solutions.


Protosprint is delivered as a series of facilitated workshops, each focusing on a key part of the system — the data, the interactions, and the value of information.

At the end of the workshop, you will have several high-level design artefacts for building the first iteration of your product (a prototype).

Each case is individual; Protosprint is not a cookie-cutter process.

Duration: anything between one day and a week.

We definitely have come a long way, both in regards to understanding what is actually important for our project, and also how to move on from here.

— Steffan Enemark Elley, Project Manager, Venture Cup Denmark

Strategic, business-developing, technical.

— Ulrik Sell, co-founder,

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