Some screencasts I'd like to see

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy home-brewed publications on software development. However, I often catch myself thinking: “If someone did a screencast about this, it would hit right home”. So, here are some screencasts I’d seriously consider paying for.

Web apps in Clojure

Check! Chas Emerick recently released this great screencast.

Clojure with Emacs

This would be great for a thorough, beginner-level screencast. Topics:

  • Thorough coverage of the environment set-up. Emacs Live + Swank + Slime would be especially interesting; that's my latest set-up.

  • Working with standalone files (as opposed to projects).

  • A programming exercise involving extensive use of the REPL. Thought process and coding rhythm in an interactive development mode. Why the REPL is much more than a shell.

  • Creating a small but self-contained project. Project directory structure, necessary scripts, importing files, dealing with dependencies, resolving namespaces, organizing main code and tests, running the project.

Emacs org-mode for technical writing

Considering how many developers self-publish nowadays, I'm suprrised no-one has yet tried to cover this topic.

Advanced Pry

On the ThinkRelevance podcast #007, Clinton Nixon talked about how he uses Pry. A great discussion of high-level Pry usage - especially the part on how to develop with Pry in parallel to the editor, so that when source code is modified in a Pry session these changes are reflected back in the editor. I use Pry to navigate around program state, but what Clinton talked about sounded like the next level. I’d really like to watch how a developer switches between the Pry session and the editor in the process of programming. Let’s call this one “Pry on Steroids: Interactive Ruby Development”.

Just a few ideas off the top of my head. I may update this list if more come to mind.

Edited September 2022.