Why you don't need a Social Media Strategy

I am ever fascinated by the amount of new business books whose mission it is to convey to The Enterprise the benefits and finer details of having a "Social Media Strategy". It reminds me of the time every such business was searching for ways to profit from "this Internet thing".

I'd like to help. If you find yourself asking "How can I use social media to my company's advantage", your problem is likely not the lack of strategy; you might benefit from developing some social intelligence instead.

After all, we don't want to complicate things further do we. Using social media is totally self-explanatory!

Here's how (you can call it strategy of you will):

  • Share what you like. Share what you find interesting & valuable.
  • Like what others share. Comment, share, propagate, & like what others share and you like.
  • Be somebody. Do something. Create value. Then, share that value and give people a way to like it and to find you.
  • Do this on a continuous basis and make sure you're not pestering people.

Is that all? Where is the "strategy" part? Well, do you need a "party strategy" or a "socializing strategy" or a "how to get friends strategy"? What about a "how to be liked by other people strategy"? If you do, chances are no amount of "strategy" will help you. Good luck with the Interwebs.