Portfolio 2013–2015

Some side projects, some client work, & some design experiments. Latest first.
NB: these projects are archived and are no longer updated.

  1. Bring Back Aqua

    Brief: A viral campaign, supported by Twitter ads, aiming to encourage Vivo Barefoot to start making their iconic barefoot shoe from 2008 once again. The campaign was launched in May 2015, got traction, and by October 2016 Vivo released a new verion of Aqua.

    I did: Concept development, copy, design, front-end development.

    Stack: Ruby on Rails, Web Standards.

    Website: Bring Back Aqua.

  2. 3 Amazing Paleo Recipes

    Brief: I wondered why no-one ever released a cookbook covering one day of meals — breakfast, lunch, & dinner. I ended up making one.

    I did: Concept development, copy, design, front-end development.

    Stack: Ruby on Rails, Web Standards.

    Website: 3 Amazing Paleo Recipes.

  3. The Butcher at Kultorvet

    Brief: An international website for a renowned Copenhagen butcher's shop.

    Jens Slagter, an organic butcher who is running the historical shop at Kultorvet square in Copenhagen, needed a website that would cater to his increasingly international clientele.

    After a short but productive research phase, I developed a site that showcases his most popular offerings, while telling the rich story of the butcher shop. The project was delivered in five 1–week sprints with weekly strategy and design briefs between Jens, the photographer, and myself.

    I did: Art direction, UX design, Information Architecture, sourcing and translation of copy, Responsive Web Design.

    Stack: Ruby on Rails, Web Standards.

    Website: The Butcher at Kultorvet.

  4. Eco-mark.org

    Brief: A petition app for gathering signatures against a possible ban on the national Danish organic certification badge, “the eco-mark”.

    In late 2013, the EU made a series of announcements indicating that a ban on national European certification marks for organic produce might be on the way. I created an app to give everyone who disagrees an opportunity to vote against this development. The site also provides some background on the story.

    I did: Concept development, copy, design & development for a simple, responsive app.

    Stack: Ruby on Rails, Web Standards.

    Website: Eco-mark.org.

  5. A Tale of Two Cities

    Brief: A design exercise from the 2010 online class “Learn CSS3 with John Allsopp”.

    We had to use the CSS3 Multiple Columns module to style an excerpt of Charles Dickens's “A Tale of Two Cities”. Although modifying the HTML wasn't allowed in the exercise, I did add a few minor details for better structure and a more consistent look across browsers.

    Stack: An HTML & CSS demo hosted on Nesta CMS.

    Website: A Tale of Two Cities.